Trichophytic Closure Technique

The Trichophytic Closure Technique – Linear Scar Revision

Contemporary hair transplant techniques ideally facilitate minimal scarring, but not all patients confirm the same. Generally, surgical results are different as per individual cases and so is the scarring. While tiny dots in the form of scars are realized in the Follicular Unit Extraction technique (FUE), a linear scar is surely guaranteed after a Follicular Unit Transplantation surgery, also known as the strip surgery.

Since the linear scar is the major drawback of the FUT technique, hair transplant experts have devised a modern approach to minimise scarring after an FUT surgery. This technique is referred to as “Trichophytic Closure

The goal of the technique is to reduce the visibility of the linear scar after the surgery. The procedure increases hair growth at the donor site and the linear scar is extremely eliminated when performed artistically.

The procedure has proved to be a reliable technique after the FUT surgery with assured desired results in suitable candidates

What is Involved inthe Trichophytic Closure Technique?

  • The Trichophytic Closure Technique is basically termed as a linear scar revision approach. The procedure can be performed by the original hair transplant surgeon or another surgeon deemed suitable. In the same way, the procedure can be performed right away or later after the surgery
  • The surgical procedure begins with an examination of the hair transplant scar, formerly formed during strip incision. The wound normally results in two skin edges that are visible in individuals with short hairstyles.
  • Our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. J. P. Walia will meticulously overlap the edges of the wound, which is basically the essential role of the technique.
  • One side of the existing skin is cut at an oblique angle and from there, the adjacent skin flaps are then brought together to close the wound. As a result, the edges will bond and hair follicles will grow through the formerly scarred zone, eliminating any visibility of a linear scar.

Benefits & Results of the Trichophytic Closure Procedure

  • The Trichophytic Closure technique is an advanced camouflaging procedure that renders the linear scar a lot finer
  • It helps patients rock shorter hairstyles
  • It is an aesthetic procedure that tightens the donor region precisely
  • Eliminates any indications of a hair transplant

Results basically depend on the surgeon’s skills and the healing process of the wound. Better hair transplant results are attained after the technique that also boosts self-confidence.

Finding the Right Surgeon– how essential is it?

The trichophytic technique requires a generalized approach just like a hair transplant surgery. Various considerations must be made since not all individuals are suitable candidates for the “Tricho” technique. Suitable candidates are;

  • Younger individuals
  • Patients with non-pigmented skin types
  • Hair characteristics
  • Individuals with proper healing abilities

proper site handling after the procedure is crucial in determining the success of the procedure. Though it will not entirely require extra efforts, effective care similar to the postoperative phase is expected.