Revision Hair Transplants

All About Revision Hair Transplants

Many people today are going for revision hair transplant not just because the results were totally a failure but also because they want to make other changes or to get improved results. The need for a revision depends from one person to another plus also the results desired.

With improvement in hair transplant techniques, you can have another hair transplant to make better results. Science is amazing since through it doctors can improve or in venture techniques and better solutions to the threats today. We are all prone to mistakes but the techniques used to rectify them matter the most. When a surgeon’s aim is not profit oriented, there are low costs to be faced in a revision hair transplant and this differs from one surgeon to another. When the cause is due to older hair transplant or a patient’s choice, other guidelines are followed.

FUE is the commonly used technique in this area since it does not create scars and it can be used to remove scars created in other hair transplant surgeries. With the improved equipments, surgeons can also extract grafts from 550 to 1000 within an hour. It only takes a surgeon to draw measures and avoid the last mistakes.

Reasons why people go for revision hair transplants

It is expected that hair will grow within two weeks time after a normal hair transplant procedure but where there are no visible changes even after a month and more, a revision is required.

  • Remove scars. A scar is created in an FUT surgery and so a revision hair transplant using FUE is preferred to clear it.
  • Better results. Mistakes might have been made in the first hair surgery either on a patient’s side or a doctor’s side, so a revision is done to rectify them and get the best results.
  • Old hair transplants. In other cases, one may want a revision after a long time of the first hair transplant. The person may be experiencing hair fall and wants to stop it.
  • Getting more hair. There are also chances of making a bad amount of grafting yet a person needs a good density of hair hence going in for a revision

It should be noted that results in hair transplant surgeries differ from one person. Good results may be expected but only to get poor ones which create the need for a revision.

A hair transplant revision should be thoroughly discussed by the surgeon and the patient since the main target here is achieving the best results for the patient. Old mistakes should be previewed and make all efforts to eradicate them.