Procedure plan

Steps for FUE procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction is the advanced method of transplantation through which patient can get rid from the hair loss for permanent basis. It also works on the discovery that follicles can survive and grow similarly after harvesting in bald areas.

In simple terms it is all about relocating hair follicles from the fertile part of scalp to the infertile part. This procedure is highly magnificent so must be done by the experienced surgeon for the best results.

This process of FUE transplantation includes the basic five steps from balding heads to the hair full heads.

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Step One: Before Your surgery

Before the surgery, patient is asked to have sound sleep before night to burst out stress and tension. Patient is asked to visit center in the morning of surgical day. Before this all the issues related to hair loss has been diagnosed by the specialists and then estimation of required grafts has been given to the patient.

In the morning patient is made comfortable and relax so that his nervousness could not hamper the surgical process. Then patient head is shaved so that surgeons can have easy access to the hair roots and If the patient is going to take combination of transplantation with the PRP therapy then his blood is taken and centrifuged.

Step Two: Extracting Hair follicles

Second step is the essential for the successful procedure as per the estimated requirements hair roots are extracted during this step. Before extraction healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are selected from the back head for removal then as per selection roots are removed with the extraction tools micro motor or robotics. These mechanical tools are used to tiny circular incision in the skin around the donor follicles and separated from the surrounding tissues without damaging it. Then grafts are extracted directly from the scalp that leaves the small holes.

Extraction process is done after applying local anesthesia so that patient could not feel and discomfort during the process. Even this process do not leave scars as the mechanical tools leave only tiny holes that get healed in few days and leaves no visible scars. This step is crucial for the surgery as surgeon’s skills and experience can only enable him to extract the grafts without damaging to tissues and scalp.

Step Three: Implanting the Extracted Grafts

After extraction patient can have short lunch break and during that session hair follicles are preserved and stored in the platelet rich plasma solution so that hair follicles could not get affected with the lack of blood supply out from body. This solution helps to retain the quality of follicles with proper moisture, nourishment and oxygen that add advantage to the survival of grafts after transplantation.

Then after break patient’s donor follicles are one by one harvested into bald areas with magnificient tools and during this harvesting session direction and angle of follicles are take care of so that new hair will look similar to the existing ones. Even during this session local anesthesia works so that while cultivation process patient can have painless procedure.

Patient with the combination of PRP therapy and transplantations are given one more treatment of injecting the concentrated Platelet rich plasmas so that healing process and growth can be boosted up.

Step Four: Recovery

After the 3 to 4 hours patient is shifted from OT to room with the specially designed beds that add to the healing process. Then in the evening patient can get back to his home without any difficulty. If you are overseas patient then you may stay after surgery.

Patient is asked to visit the center next day for hygienic hair wash which is given under the supervision of specialists so that damage to hair follicles can be prevented. This wash is given with the special shampoo and lotion and even patient is given instructions for similar hair wash at home for at least one week to get rid from infection and dryness.

Step Five: Care

It is the final step of procedure however more linked to patient. After the surgery oral and written instructions are given to patient to care their transplanted hair. Even the hair care products like saline lotion to spray on hair to lock moisture of grafts, shampoo, special hat to cover head for few days, lotion to apply before hair wash and some medicines if required, are provided by the center.