Post-op care

Post surgical instructions for hair transplantation patients

After care of transplanted hair is utmost important as it can add to life of the hair and even can prevent you from any kind of infections and side effects. After surgery each patient gets the set of instructions written and verbal from the expert surgeon as follows

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Practical instructions

Daily hair wash

After surgery next day patient is asked to visit the clinic for hygienic hair wash with the proper care. For this hair wash firstly medical lotion is applied to the transplanted area that lead to softness of scabs around the transplanted grafts after 30-45 minutes scalp is washed with Luke warm water. Medical shampoo is used for hair wash and then with paper towel in gentle manner hairs are dried.

After the first time wash given by the center you must wash hair on each following day for week with given shampoo and lotion for removal of scabs. Do not wash your hair more than once a day and after 10 days you can wash your hair in normal way.

Pain, Swelling and itching

Although hair transplant is the painless and safe treatment but for initial days patients may feel mild pain and swelling in the scalp it is quite normal and when scalp get healed in 2-3 days these get vanished but if you are suffering from extreme pain which happens only in few extreme case then you must consult your surgeon for further procedure to follow or some medications.

Few patients also feel itching in the scalp due to formation of scabs then patients are asked not to do itching as it can damage hair follicles but if there is severe then you can rub with gentle fingers not with nails. This itching can be avoided even with the regular hair wash as per given instructions


If you want to shave then after 10 days you can shave the donor area but transplanted area must be shaven after one month.

Cover your head

For the few days it is highly recommend covering your head with the panama type hat provided by clinic as it will escape you from exposure of heat, sun and dust. It is strictly recommended to patients to wear hat provided by clinic for minimum 5 days and for two weeks you can wear hat of your choice.


Although the patients can get back to their work after 3-4 days but physical activities like heavy exercises and sports must be avoided by the patient as these can lead to sweating in the scalp that can cause infection however patient may go for short walk and light exercises so remain active after surgery.

Scalp micro pigmentation

Patient must wait for 3 months for the manipulation of pigmentation in the scalp

Alcohol and smoking

After the surgery alcohol and smoking must be avoided as it can hamper the healing process of body and even stretch the recovery time so one must avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking at least for 15 days.

Alcohol and Shock loss and regrowth

As after 3-4 weeks shock loss means shedding of transplanted hair follicles start which is quite normal and after the end of 5th week approximately hair start growing in the natural way and within one year actual results can be seen.

Medication instructions

Dexamethasone pills

For the initial 2-3 days these pills provided by the clinic must be taken by the patient 2 pills per day to prevent swelling on face or forehead. These pills can be taken after the meals

Shampoo and Lotion for Hair Wash

For the initial 10-15 days medical shampoo and the lotion provided by the center must be used by the patient so that any kind of infection and side effects can be prevented

Scarex or Contractubex creams

This cream can be cases to minimize the visibility of scars after the surgery . it must be used two times in a day on the donor area from where grafts were extracted

Finasteride (Propecia 1 mg or 5mg)

It can be prescribed in rare cases to the patients for the strong and healthy hair if the hair are much weaken and brittle and even to minimize the risk of future hair loss it must be taken as per prescription of the surgeon.


Few patients have contradictions from certain medications so it can be provided to them like to the diabetic patients for the post 3 days.


This device os used for massaging the scalp to boost up the circulation of blood in scalp for quick healing and proper growth of hair. it can be used for 45 days.

Minoxidil (5% or 2%)

This medicine can be used for one month after the surgery for minimizing the hair loss of the patient is having progressive hair loss problem. 5% musty be used by males and female can consume 2%

Biotin pills (vitamin)

These pills are prescribed in rare cases for straightening of hair and nails as supplements and can be consumed for 6 months after surgery.