Megasessions Hair Transplants

Megasessions Hair Transplants At Metro

Extreme patterns of baldness may require different hair transplant surgical approaches and Megasession is one of the commonly performed hair transplant techniques to attain aesthetic hair results. With the traditional hair transplant techniques, mini-micro grafting technique was utilized involving at least 2.5 mm of the donor and recipient sites. This required multiple sessions to implant the grafts aesthetically.


Initially, the surgical techniques of extracting and implanting hair follicles involved a total of 2500 grafts. Very few hair transplant surgeons were involved in the extraction and implantation of grafts above 2500.

However, technical expertize and development in the hair transplant sector introduced microscopic dissection, a technique that allows natural hair to be harvested in its natural grouping. Currently, more than 3000 hair grafts can be harvested through a technique called Megasessions.

During the hair transplant Megasession approach, only a single session is required to extract and implant hair follicles by a well-trained hair transplant surgeon and experienced technicians at Metro hair transplant centre.

Advantages of Megasessions

Megasessions are highly technical, but once professionally performed, patients enjoy the following benefits;

  • Lessened Hair Transplant Sessions
  • Less donor Scarring
  • Increased grafts
  • Natural Results
  • Lessened Recovery period

Are Megasessions Safe?

Metro hair transplant centre is an advanced hair transplant centre in India with extra expertize for exceptional results for every patient who requires a Megasession hair transplant. The procedure is completely safe, performed under defined protocols like any other hair transplant procedure

During the procedure, our experienced team will carefully monitor blood oxygen levels, ECG/EKG, blood pressure, and pulse rates

The procedure basically requires between 9 to 12 hours conducted with technically proficient. Our surgeon is well trained and experienced in the field of micro-sized openings and unique implantation techniques designed according to the patient’s level of hair loss

At our centre, we utilize high-powered magnification techniques, proper graft hydration and temperatures approaches to ensure optimum graft survival.

Candidates for Megasessions

Male patients are commonly considered to be suitable candidates for the Megasession hair transplant as compared to females since most of them happen to suffer from diffuse hair loss patterns. Therefore, women are carefully scrutinized before the surgery to prevent further thinning of the donor region.

Coverage & Density Expectations in Megasessions

Extracting donor hair is a major concern during the Megasessions technique. Some patients suffer botched surgeries due to over-harvestation with the major aim of undergoing a single session.

Technical expertise, realistic considerations, and the surgeon’s expertise play a bigger role in attaining natural and the desired results.

A patient must have a reliable donor region for full scalp coverage, especially those with extreme or advanced baldness.