Male Hair Loss

What is male pattern baldness?

It is most common condition of hair loss in men also known as androgenetic alopecia. As per the reports of US National Library of Medicine more than 50% of all men are affected by pattern hair loss.

It is inherited condition of hair loss in which males may begin loosing hair loss any time after puberty. This gene of baldness can be inherited from either mother or father’s side.


This pattern hair loss generally starts from the hair line and then hair line starts receding means moving backward and generally forms and M- shape. Even the hair start becoming shorter, thinner, weaken and generate U-shape or horseshoes shape pattern around the sides of the head.

Causes of pattern baldness

Cause for the androgenetic alopecia is family history or genes of baldness. This condition is associated with the male sex hormones called androgens that have many functions including the regulation of hair growth. during this pattern baldness growth cycle of hair follicles get weaken and even follicles start shrinking and the growth of each hair stops and there is no replacement of old hair with the new ones that lead to severe hair loss.

For this problem male hormones are culprits if the normal amount of hormone is present along with the gene for hair loss then hair loss will occur. Basically this condition occurs when cells present in skin convert the testosterone into other hormone called dihydrotestosterone by enzyme 5 alpha reductase. After that DHT enters into cells and hamper the production of protein by DNA .Hair follicles are sensitive to DHT so follicles start shrinking so that lead to shedding of them and ultimately to pattern hair loss.

The hair growth cycle get disturbed with the percentage of hair in growth phase and duration of the growth phase. Due to DHT more hair enters into telogen or resting phase that fall more aggressively. Hair affected from DHT become gradually miniaturized, smaller in diameter and length. Even the pigment production that give color to hair also get terminated due to this condition so the hair become light and cause infected area to look less dense and then ultimately to bald.

Complications from pattern baldness

It is quite common and harmless condition but sometime it can be linked to metabolic syndrome. That takes obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol problem and even people with the syndrome are more prone to heart disease. This link has been more observed in the males that get affected from pattern baldness in young age.

However this condition is not considered as physical disorder but it dent the self esteem of men and sometime it also affect their mood and well being.

Some time there is risk of sun burn when the bald scalp is not covered at the time of sun exposure.


After the diagnosis of this condition patients can go for many treatments as for the initial stage medication like Minoxidil can be taken for controlling the hair loss.

Even in severe conditions PRP , wigs , hair weaving and many other non surgical treatments can help the patient but is you are having controlled level of baldness then hair transplant surgery is the best option as it can give natural and lifetime growing hair to patients.