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Hair loss can take away sleep and felicity of anyone as it blemishes the self esteem and appealing look of person. Person suffered from hair loss rush for many options to get rid from this problem but which is the best option for him put him in dilemma.

But this complexity can be detangled by simple steps

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Detected hair loss

Normally human hair shed from 100-150 if you have observe the hair fall more than that or some bald patches on scalp or even on eyebrows, eyelashes , beard and mustache then you are caught by the hair loss problem.

Consult experts

After having hair loss one must consider the consultants for curing it. MHTC provides the free online consultation to its patients to root out their anxiety about their look and hair. Dr Walia provides the sufficient information to patient to take corrective decision for curing baldness.


After consulting surgeon, scalp diagnosis is then next step to get to you closer to your hair issues. Our expert surgeon has done more than hundreds successful hair Transplant in Yamuna Nagar alone only because of his best and depth scalp analysis that is crucial step of surgical procedure.

In this diagnose medical history, hair issue, root cause of problem and extent of problem is considered to reach to the correct decision.

Selection of suitable method

Depending upon the scalp diagnosis the best treatment that suits to patient depending upon age, extent of baldness, requirements and health of patient, has been decided.

FUT Hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar suits to patient with ,ore laxity of scalp and large bald area and even it is bit effective than the other methods.

FUE is the advanced method used to restore scalp hair, facial hair and even for the body hair transplants.

Best suitable method is chosen for providing the best and satisfactory results to patients

Selecting donor area

Hair follicles retain the properties and quality of donor follicles after implantation so our team put extravagant efforts to select the donor site from which only the healthiest and loss resistant follicles can be taken for the reliable and lifetime results. generally donor area is selected from the back head or near to the neck and in few cases if the patient do not have sufficient hair on scalp then body hairs are used for transplantation as per closest match.

Getting treatment

After the essential steps of treatment on the surgical day patient is asked to visit Metro clinic in the morning. Surgery starts with the boosting up and making relax to patient then our team of experts extracts the hair grafts as depending on the method decided from the prior selected donor site.

FUE Hair Transplant in Yamuna Nagar is performed with extraction of individual hair follicles but in the strip method called follicular unit transplant belt of follicles is removed and dissected in small grouping. Entire procedure of extraction and even transplantation has been done under the local anesthesia to give painless treatment.

Then harvesting of hair follicles is done with the sterilized tools to prevent any infection during or after surgery.

In the evening patient can go back to home without difficult and Dr walia provide oral and written instructions to patient for post op care and prevention.

Undetectable transplanted hair

Happy journey of hair treatment ends with the undetectable hairs that are even hard for barber to recognize. Patient can see growth in transplanted hair after 3-4 months but actual results can be seen within a year with natural, dense and lifetime growing if you are from Abroad and want to visit our centre than you need to first land in Delhi and from Delhi we are 180 Kms away. So if you looking for Hair Transplant In Delhi than you can select our centre for best results.