Hair Transplant in Women

Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair Transplant in Women

Hair Transplant is a perfect option for around 90% of men who are suffering from baldness, additionally women also consider themselves fit for the transplant but this is not completely true. In case of women, only a few are fit for the transplant.

In case of men hairs are taken from head sides that act as donor. It is from these regions that the hair is eradicated for hair transplant to other regions of the head. In males, the donor regions are stable sites that show that hair follicles in these regions are not influenced by DHT that contracts follicles on the scalp in those who experience androgenic alopecia or named as male pattern baldness.

Common hair loss types in females are localized hair loss, pattern hair loss and diffuse hair loss.

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Female Pattern baldness

In female pattern baldness, although the donor regions are often unstable. Hair density in donor regions are thin. The donor sites in females are influenced by follicle- affecting DHT. Removal of hair and receiving follicles from these donor regions in females and restore them to other regions, it will simply drop out. A surgeon who would try to transplant hair from an inconsistent region is immoral and simply to get a reasonable benefit of the patient.

Who are eligible for Hair Transplant?

Following the specialists of females are actually fit for hair transplant, almost 2 to 5% will be beneficial from this procedure. The females who are fit for the surgical hair restoration are:

  1. Females who suffer from hair damage because of mechanical or traction Alopecia
  2. Those who have received cosmetic or plastic surgery and are worried about hair fall around the incision sites.
  3. Females experiencing rare pattern of baldness alike to male pattern baldness that includes hairline thinning, vertex thinning and donor region that is not affected by androgenetic alopecia.
  4. Females suffering from alopecia marginalis, a condition that is similar to similar to traction alopecia.
  5. Females experience heavy hair fall because of trauma that includes inflammation, scars from accidents and chemical burns.

Because of poor stability in females who suffer from pattern baldness, they are usually poor candidates for the hair transplant surgery. Although if your hair loss is resulted by one of the above causes, the certain treatment is hair transplant.

In order to receive the assured treatment, you should consult the professional hair transplant surgeon.

Conducting the perfect evaluation

Every patient diagnosed in the clinic receives a routine hormonal and medical checkup for hair loss. The service and evaluation of female hair loss is different than in men. Hair loss problem is considered seriously by conducting a disease medical evaluation. A medical history and physical evaluation is performed in female who look for hair restoration treatment.

Hair loss is resulted by a set of conditions besides of genetic baldness. The final treatment is normally based on whether the hair loss is ceased and your hair loss is basically at the mainline and baldness is high in specific regions on the scalp.