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Alopecia has become sever problem for many even in the UP central state of India significant increase has been noticed in this place in hair loss patients that visit the hair clinics. Even people in very young age seek for treating their thinning top that make then older than their age.

There are various methods for hair restoration such as medicines, Non surgical and surgical methods that have different scales of success depending upon the extent of problem.

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What is need of hair transplant in Uttar Pradesh?

Although there are various methods of restoration but still patients click the option of surgical hair restoration method in this tourist attraction place.
Climate of this destination is tropical but with scalding days on summer that can be prime reason for hair loss it can be reason for increase in the count of hair loss patients. These suffering patients seek for one time treatment to regain their look, hair and confidence.
Hair implantation is the best option for them as it can give them most satisfactory results with lifetime validity that has boosted up the need of transplantation in UP.

What is MHTC Procedure?

It is surgical treatment to be done with utmost care and prevention to give lifetime growing hair. Dr.Walia performs this surgery after the essential step of scalp analysis.

However the patients after free consultation can get the depth assessment for their issues but after that scalp analysis is done in depth to reach to the root of each hair issue. During this diagnosis patient is asked few questions related to medical history, health and related to lifestyle. After that depending upon their condition and extent of hair problem best suitable method for hair transplantation is selected from FUT and FUE methods.

Depending upon the method extraction process either strip form or individually respectively done under the local anesthesia to ensure the painless and comfortable treatment to patient.

Dr. Walia’s artistic skills ensures for the scar free and painless surgery with optimized results. he uses the best and innovative techniques for restoring the follicles after extraction by taking into care every tiny issue related to appropriate depth, direction and angle to provide natural looking hair to patient for life time.

Risks and results

For this surgery our team strives for 100% success and satisfaction of patient so safe results are provided to them but sometime patients can feel mild pain, swelling and redness in the scalp. There is nothing to worry as it caused by stress given to follicles during surgery so it is normal and gets healed within 3-4 days.
Even our surgeons provide the instructions to patient for post op care so that any kind of side effects or difficulty could not occur even less trauma is given to follicles with least time gap for follicles outside the body so that shock loss can be prevented which is normal but temporary condition of shedding of hair follicles aster surgery.
After 90 days patient can witness the growth from harvested roots and then within year these grafts grow naturally and actual results can be seen within the surgery year.
Our team made it possible for the patients to have least cost hair transplant in Uttar Pradesh by using the cost effective techniques with the retained quality of treatment and results.