Hair Transplant In Turkey

Metro hair transplant center Turkey

Arab countries like Turkey has been observed as the most effected countries with hair loss due to hot and dry climate of these places. Even the lifestyle and eating habits are also adding to this problem so there is huge crowd seeking for hair transplant in Turkey.

Know about surgical hair restoration in Turkey

Hair implantation has been used as the most reliable technique for the balding patients as it has been introduced on the discovery that hair follicles can be harvested into balding region that grow naturally for life time.

This surgical procedure give sigh of relief to patients of hair loss for permanent basis however results may vary patient to patient. Dr. Walia practice his skills and knowledge to provide the more consistent results to patients after diagnosing their hair problems as he believes depth study of scalp can give the best results to patients.

Who can get hair Impanation Treatment?

As per the experts of MHTC this treatment is suitable for all but beat results can be given to best candidates like

  • Men or Women suffering from controlled pattern hair loss
  • Ideal age for surgery can be 30-40 (other factors also matters)
  • Patients with habits of smoking, alcohol and drug addiction are not best as it can hamper healing process and durability of results
  • Patient must be healthy and medically fit for surgical treatment
  • Laxity of scalp also matters for best result

What is process?

Transplantation is the surgical treatment in which patient is treated under the local anesthesia and after the scalp analysis donor area of the patient is selected. Generally back head or areas near the neck are taken as the donor areas due to existence of loss resistance and healthy follicles in these areas. However few patients do not have sufficient hair follicles to donate so Dr. Walia choose their donor hair from the body parts like chest, arms, legs , beard and even pubic as per the close match to scalp hair.

FUT hair transplant in Turkey is performed by extracting strip of hair follicles from donor area and dissected into small groupings of grafts. These donor grafts are transplanted into bald portions for restoring hair.

FUE hair transplant in Turkey enables the surgeon to extract individual hair follicles from the fertile part of scalp called donor site. These donor follicles are used to restore the hair into bald and thinning areas of scalp.

Both methods are reliable for treating balding problems. Our team is efficient in performing both surgeries as per suitability and requirement of patient.

What to expect?

After implantation patient can get back to their homes on the same day without difficulty. This surgical procedure is safe and risk free so within 3-4 days patient can even get back to his work except the heavy activities that cause sweating to scalp. Patient feels numbness, mild pain, redness and swelling in the donor area but it is quite normal and get healed in 2 days.

After 2-3 months patient can witness the hair growth in transplanted area however the complete results with fully grown natural hair can be seen in one year.

This result oriented treatment is provided by us with justified cost of hair transplant in Turkey with high retained quality of treatment.