Hair Transplant in Men

Hair Transplantation in Men

Hair Transplant in Men

While discussing an attractive part in males , few say it is their physique, masculinity, biceps or six packs etc, but essentially the appearance of a man is widely decided by his hair. Today 85% of men suffer from hair thinning when they reach their 50s. Another surprising fact is that 25% of males start losing hair noticeably in their 20s. This is a concerning factor.

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Adverse Effects of Male Baldness

Usually baldness is taken as a point of jokes but it is not a serious medical trouble. However it should be cared as soon as possible.

  1. Baldness causes lose of confidence in men and affects their relationship
  2. Subject of fun among friends and society
  3. Lose of self-esteem in career
  4. Lose of personality

Solution of Baldness- Hair Transplant in Men

Hair transplant has brought a revolutionary advancement in the cosmetic industry. People suffering from baldness or hair thinning get effective results with this supreme procedure. The hair follicle transfer offers patients with excellent and natural looking results.

Hair transplant Procedure

  1. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor site on the body that can be scalp, underarms, chest etc
  2. These are transplanted in the naturally occurring follicular units that consist of a group of hears to the recipient site.
  3. The excellence of this procedure is that it stimulates nature offering a fully natural appearance unlike to earlier procedures
  4. Although the final look of restored hair somehow depends on the donor region and hair density available.
  5. A complete consultation before conducting the surgery enables patients to get an idea of what can be received from the treatment.


  1. Reverses your hair loss
  2. Best results in natural looking hairs
  3. Easy way to restore hairs in natural way
  4. FUE transplant procedure offer no ugly linear scar as tiny incisions are made for extraction of hair and their transplant
  5. Hair restoration is fast and very comfortable
  6. Fast healing
  7. Quick come back to daily routine
  8. Less invasive hair transplants llow you to recover soon within a few hours
  9. Quick procedure allows you to turn back to your home on the same day
  10. Excellent results at economical price

Overall hair transplant becomes your best option to restore your hair. It is the most feasible technique in the present time that helps you get back your self-confidence by improving your appearance once again.