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Transplantation of hair is world proven method used for treating Alopecia. It is the most preferred method for restoring hair as it gives permanent solution for the hair loss problem.

But just planning or opting this treatment is not sufficient, candidate must do some homework so that he could receive only the best treatment. So there are few things about which candidate must be aware of

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Know about your problem

Before clicking the option of hair transplantation patient must be aware about his problem means just finding himself in the queue of hair loss patients. Alopecia can be problem of both men and women due to different causes so there is great need to know about the root cause for the problem like

  • Genetic reasons
  • Hormonal problems
  • Due to imbalance thyroid
  • Prolonged stress
  • Telogen effluvium due to traumatic condition or prolonged illness
  • Due to side effects of medication
  • Due to radiation or chemotherapy
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Menopause and after pregnancy

Consult the specialists and take rational decision

If you have noticed bald patches or abrupt hair fall then it is time to rush to hair clinic but before that there are many things to be consider for opting the best as there are many centers for hair transplant in Jalandhar.

  • Know about the reputation of center before opting it
  • Do not forget to ask about the experience and credential of the consult surgeon
  • Know your realistic expectations for results and compare it with center’s estimation for the same
  • Know about techniques and method of hair transplantation
  • Compare the cost of hair transplant in Jalandhar with quality of treatment
  • Do not forget to check the authenticity of center’s past results of treatment

After considering all points one must choose the best option to get served with the best. MHTC provides free consultation to all patients to help them to take only the rational decision.

What is diagnosis?

After choosing the best the treatment process start with the diagnosis of the problem for which you may be asked for questions related to your hair problem, health, eating habits and medical history. Even you are asked to bring photographs of your bald areas from front, back and side.

Even estimation for meeting expectations is discussed to bring transparency in the treatment. Dr Walia discuss openly with the patients about the treatment process and method to be used for the hair restoring. Patient is mentally and physically made prepared for the surgery.

After the healthy and through discussing for starting the treatment surgical date is fixed and donor area for the extraction of follicles is decided.

What happens on surgical day?

Firstly in the morning patient is filled with confidence and positivity so that nervousness or fear related to surgery can be burst out. After that surgery get started with the shaving of head to get easy access to the roots of hair.

Then local anesthesia is applied on the scalp to cause complete numbness so that patient can have painless and comfortable treatment.

If patient is chosen for the FUT hair transplant In Jalandhar then extraction process starts with the removal of strip of follicles from the back head and then this strip is dissected in small groupings under the microscopic system. After that small grafts are transplanted into bald portions for the best results.

In the other method called FUE individual hair follicles are removed from the shaved head with the sterilized and magnificent tools after that these donor follicles are harvested one by one for to cover the bald portion with required count and density.

What to expect after surgery

Transplantation is the safe and risk free method for hair restoration so patient can get hassle free treatment. On the same day patient can get discharge. Some patients see soreness and pain in scalp but it get healed in 2-3 days after surgery.

After 90 days patient can witness the growing hair follicles but actual results can be seen within year with properly grown hair that look natural, healthy and dense. So Patient can expect lifetime solution for the hair loss problem.