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In the metro city like Delhi people face severe hair loss problem which can be due to their life full of hustle and bustle, environment pollution, their unhealthy eating habits and even due to their pace of earning money that lead to excessive work stress, night shifts and inadequate sleeping patterns.
The life of metro city is leading them for the hair transplant in Delhi. Keeping into mind all factors related to life style, eating habits, and work culture MHTC has made the hair loss treatment in Delhi at an easy access. Our best treatment can help them to get rid from baldness problem for lifetime.

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Metro Hair Treatment

Our senior surgeon Dr. Walia provides special attention to each patient for providing him the customized treatment depending on suitability and requirements of patient. With the use of FUE Hair transplant In Delhi we provide the best results to patient. For the extraction of grafts in this advanced method we use pioneered techniques like motorized and robotics system that enables us to give 100% non invasive surgeries.
In follicular unit extraction method each hair follicle is important to us. We give closer eye to the each root to select the healthiest and loss resistant hair follicles. The selected follicles are extracted individually by the micro incision around the tissue. Our expert team take about the less trauma and damage to the tissue so the quality of follicles can be retained even after relocation of them.
Then after extraction patient can take refreshment break during the patient’s break extracted hair follicles are preserved with care to improve their survival rate and even to prevent shock loss that is temporary loss of transplanted hair after 3-4 weeks. During the time gap between extraction and transplantation hair follicles are kept in the concentrated PRP solution to ensure supply of moisture, oxygen and nutrients so that follicles can get settle in bald areas easily without recognizing the supply cut for blood outside the body.
After that magnificent tools are used to transplant the hair grafts one by one. Even our expert surgeon uses slits for implanting grafts so that direction, angle and density of hair follicles can be taken care of. With the successful harvesting of hair follicles the procedure ends with the instruction given by the surgeon to patient for caring the hair after surgery.
Micro/mini grafting method is advanced method but patient also go for FUT hair transplant in Delhi for restoring hair. Our team have sufficient experience in providing hair solution by both methods with successful result.

Why Micro Hair Treatment?

  • We offer treatment with the innovative techniques that enables us to add value in the asset of head without hampering their natural look
  • Walia has artistic skills to perform surgeries without damaging the tissue and scalp so that patient can have safe, scar free, painless treatment.
  • Patient safety is taken at utmost care so only sterilized and disposable tools are used to prevent infection and even surgeries are performed in sterilized OT
  • Our innovative techniques made the cost of hair transplant in Delhi reasonable for patients without compromise of quality and best services
  • We provide the customized treatment to meet the individual requirement of each patient
  • We have specially designed strong 24/7 total care system that facilitate patients to ask us anytime.