Hair Transplant in Bathinda

Hair Transplant Center Bathinda

Hair restoration is the best method for those who are looking for hair loss treatment. This non-surgical treatment helps people to prevent their baldness by the growth of natural hairs on their scalp. So you don’t need to hide your patches with wigs or caps. Just go with FUE hair transplant in Bathinda that allows your hairs to grow for the rest of your life.

Hair Growth Cycle

A standard hair growth cycle continues for two to six years during which each hair’s length increases by 1cm each month. 90% of your hairs grow at any one moment. The grown hairs begin to fall after two to three months and new hairs take their place. So hair fall is a natural process. But when your hairs fall more than natural, you should consider physician help.


The hair loss treatment is effective in reversing the hair fall. You should consult with a cosmetic specialist to determine the feasibility of FUE on your scalp. They will perform your diagnosis to determine the possible cause of hair fall before suggesting the right procedure.

People choosing the hair transplant such as FUE procedure enjoy the natural hair growth for lifetime. Consultation with our specialized surgeons help you to fix your hair loss problems by adopting the successful procedure. You can ask for Fue hair transplant cost in bathinda that varies from 30,000 to 1,49,000 depending on the number of grafts transplanted to cover your bald scalp. Contact us today to fix your appointment with our surgeon.