Hair Loss

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss describes the significant hair fall when you comb your hairs or your hairs drop themselves with a nominal pull. Normally when about 50 to 100 hairs fall per a day then there is nothing to worry about but when the count increases rapidly that you lose almost of half of your hairs, you should given attention to your hairs immediately. The possible causes of hair loss are many such as pattern baldness or alopecia, hormone imbalance, abrupt weight gain, extensive smoking and alcoholism and others. Men commonly suffer from male pattern baldness, meanwhile females also experience extensive hair fall with increasing age.

Hair Loss in Men

Men on the earth are extensively suffering from hair loss that they lose almost more than half of their hairs before getting old. The most common cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness that occurs genetically in which this problem is transferred in to kids from their parents. Men in the Middle East countries widely experience hair loss that their front scalp part goes bald even before they reach their 50s. People usually notice hair loss when they lose almost 50% of their hairs. This problem occurs more terribly in men than in women. The recommended treatment is hair transplant.

Hair Loss in Women

We usually get to hear that most of men are experiencing hair fall problems, but when it comes about women, although they experience hair loss to a lower extent but it is more terrible than men. The main causes of hair loss in women are pregnancy, sudden weight gain, hormone changes, menstrual cycle problems, side effects of medicines etc. The hair loss in females varies from normal hair density to bald crown that rarely occurs. A pattern baldness in females is termed as androgenic alopecia. According to study 30% of females around the world suffer from pattern baldness at their 50s.