Hair Loss Diagnosis Evaluation

Diagnostic view of hair

Hair is valuable assets that start developing from the 22nd week of development of fetus. Almost all hair follicles get formed with the average count of 5 million with one million on scalp but with the growth this density go on reducing due to expansion of scalp with age.

Basically there are two structures oh hair- hair follicles and hair shafts. If we consider the hair under the microscope then there are many facts to be disclosed. Hair is not basically living structure as made up of dead protein called Keratin. Hair shafts are made up from this hard protein in the three layers. Hair bulbs are the base of hair follicles and each follicle consist individual hair into the scalp. In under the hair bulb hair cells get divided and grow to make hair shafts and these cells get nourishment from the blood vessels.

So in general hair has three parts that are roots, shafts and tip that are made up in three layers

  1. Cuticle is the outermost layer which is made up from tough protein and is series of the overlapping scales and have resistance for chemical decomposition
  2. Cortex is the under the outer layer means in the middle it is made up of spindle shaped cell and the pigment granules. These pigments give color to the hair and even Ovid body and small bubble like structures can be seen into this layer.
  3. Innermost layer of hair is the medulla that is formed with the cells that form the hair shafts.

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Human hair growth cycle

On an average basis human hair grow 6 inches per year and .3 mm daily and approximately 100-150 hair falls. So it is important to understand that how hair grown and fall. Human hair undergoes from the cyclic pattern of growth which is known as hair growth cycle.

Basically this cycle includes three stages

Anagen or Growing phase

It is active phase of hair and during this growth phase hair grows 1cm in 28 days and this phase remain active for 2-6 years.

So durability of this phase is basis for the length of hair if the person is having short hair then it can assumed that person has short active growth phase and opposite to it person with long hair have active phase of growth. if we consider hair on arms, legs and other body parts then these have very short active phase about 30-45 days.

Catagen or Degradation phase

This phase is also known as transitional phase and not more than 3% hairs remains in this stage at particular time. This phase remains for 2-3 weeks generally during which the hair growth stops and hair follicles get shrunk means the outer root of hair shrinks and get attached to the root of hair to form the hair club.

Telogen or Resting phase

In this phase generally 6%-8% hair follicles remain at one time and it lasts for the 100 days and even this phase can be longer for hair on body parts. During this phase hair club completely get formed and rest. In this phase old hair stay on rest and the new ones start with the growth.