Hair Loss Causes


It is common question that force everyone to scratch his head that why some hair follicles have a shorter growth period than others?

If you are also worried due to abrupt hair loss and seeking for the answer of above question then Dr. J.P. Walia has found answer to this question by arresting the common culprits that can influence the growth period of hair follicles and force them to fall

  • Hormones: disturbed level of the androgens that is male hormones can cause hair loss in both male and females
  • Genes: due to genetic reasons male and females can suffer from pattern hair loss. These baldness genes can get transfer from both male or female parents.
  • Side effects from the medications like blood thinners, chemotherapy , birth control pills etc
  • Stress can also lead to abrupt hair fall
  • Lack of nutrition prevent the hair follicles to grow

Apart from the above common causes of hair loss, there is also one other reason for hair loss that is vices


Vices means the habits like smoking and drinking due to which carbon monoxide people inhale which become hindrance for the transportation of oxygen through blood to the hair.

This hindrance of carbon monoxide prevents the hair follicles to grow as follicles could not get nutrients that are essential for hair growth.

If you are suffering from hair loss due to above mentioned reasons then Hair Transplant In India can help you to get rid from the problem for entire life with naturally growing hair.