Graft Extraction

Manual v/s mechanical graft extraction

Hair transplantation techniques and equipments have been refining with the advancements in the technology that has put them into long way. Now patients have no fear for the large linear scars on the nape which used to be due to strip transplantation method known as the FUT method in which hair follicles were used to be removed in the form of strip which used to be extract with the cut to scalp and leave the scalp with linear scar. With the advancements FUE method for transplantation came into action which helps the patients to get rid from the scars, pain and discomfort and even added to the overall results. Follicular unit extraction method involves the removal of individual grafts from the back head or nape and implantation of these into bald areas.

Journey of advancements does not end with the introduction of FUE it is still in track as FUE procedure is also being advanced with the passage of time. Earlier extraction of individual grafts were used to be done manually by the surgeons but now the leading centers of hair transplants has replaced the manual procedure with the mechanical extraction tools called micro motors with the oscillated and non oscillated movements. This advancement allows the surgeons to give speedy and better results to the patients however there is need to go through learning course for this motorized tool by the surgeons but it has given new face to this surgical procedure and let it reach to new heights of expectations and fulfillments.

However there are some erroneous assumptions about these mechanical tools this page will refute them

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Surgeon tried first time Mechanical extractor cannot give great success

Practice and determination for doing anything can make someone perfect so for getting the great success in using these mechanical grafting extraction tools there is great need of experience and practice as it can be possible that the surgeon who excel on performing manual FUE cannot get similar success in mechanical FUE due to lack of practice and experience. So there is great need for learning course and practice for using micro motors for extraction to get the actual hike in the results of surgery performed in mechanical way. As it is true that you cannot be comfortable flying on plane piloted by person that has no experience of flying jets before similarly the hair transplant specialist that has not used this mechanical extraction tool cannot give you the level of satisfaction and quality so it is advisable to inquire beforehand about the experience of surgeon for using the mechanical extractor so that you can get successful and better surgery.

Surgery performed with motorized ad robotic system can never give precision and feeling of manual FUE procedure

With the advancement one revolutionary tool called Da Vinci Robotic system has been introduced as it has been widely used in urology, gynecology, Kidney cancer and other fields so has also introduced for the transplantation field. It is used by the leading physicians in the field that allow them to give successful surgical treatment by avoiding damaging the nerves during prostatectomy.

Assuming that these technological advanced tools like micro motors and robotics systems are not precise is totally baseless as if used experienced surgeon then extraction by these tools is safe, precise and even reduces the damage to tissue that can be caused by the shaky hands of the hair transplant specialists that are reluctant to switch these mechanical extraction tools.

Extraction speed in both manual and mechanical techniques is equal

Claiming that speed of extracting grafts in both manual and mechanical way is same is totally baseless as being human surgeons may have limitations in both terms of endurance and concentration so their speed cannot match with the mechanical tools. Even the leading specialists of transplants can extract 1000-1500 grafts manually in single session that even add to their cost for treatment due to increased time. However the motorized tools can extract 3500-4000 grafts in a day so the speed is many time more in case of mechanical FUE that can also make difference to the cost of transplantation.

Even in manual extraction both the surgeon and patient get exhausted and only in the extraction stage surgeon’s hands get tired that cam affect the quality of implantation process whereas the latest generations give relaxation, speed and quality results in both extraction and transplantation stages.

Surgeons believes in using manual tools for extraction as they feel happy with the size of tools

Assuming that manual tools have perfect size that can lead to quality extraction is wrong as companies have developed mechanical extraction tools that are superior in size and quality than the outdated manual extractors. These advanced tools have punch of diameter 0.6-0.9 millimeters which is comparatively lesser than the manual tools that are still in use at few clinics. This smaller size tools can extract the lightest and thinnest hair grafts without damaging the tissues that is impossible with hands.

What is next in hair implantation?

Still there are few clinics that are not making use of robotic and motorized tools for performing follicular unit extraction procedure so soon these will be completely adopted for the transplantation procedures. But the journey of advancements will not stop here there will be some more advanced inventions on the field that will facilitate the surgeons and even make better to the outcomes of hair restoration procedures.

Even there is also one more advancement has been done for the FUE procedure that is combination of FUE with the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which improves the regeneration after the surgical hair restoration. We offer the transplantation procedure with all advancements in the field of extraction and regeneration improvements to offer utmost satisfaction to patients after surgery.