FUT Hair Transplant


Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT involves transfer of 1-4 hairs at one time. Follicular units enable specialists to place thousands of grafts in one go that integrates the aesthetic impact of this technique.

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Reasons to Choose FUT

  • Wide hair transplant growth- As the follicular unit is a rare entity, maintaining it whole during the graft cut maximizes the growth. Once hair is extracted from the scalp back in a single strip.
  • Spontaneity in hair transplant- FUT offers natural appearance at both individual follicular unit level and to complete graft placement. As scalp hair grow in a natural way in follicular units comprising of 1- 4 hairs, FUT procedure ensues that every graft will be similar to the neighbour hairs. So the overall transplanted hairs offer a touch of spontaneity
  • Easy procedure: A hair restoration surgeon can precisely estimate the count of grafts that can be received from dividing the donor strip. The same count of grafts can be utilized to shield the bald region irrespective of the overall hair density.
  • Nominal pain – The secret to have natural looking hair is to collect grafts from your own skin therefore reducing pain to the scalp is an essential factor in hair transplant procedure. It is performed by collecting many tissues around the follicular units and then placing them into the tiny recipient regions on scalp. It helps maintaining scalp’s elasticity and retains small grafts securely in their position
  • But we are not offering FUT to our patients you can browse some centres list which follow FUT hair transplant to their clients.


  1. As soon as you arrive at the transplant center, the staff commences by evaluating your daily activities.
  2. Your surgeon carefully re-draws the hairline to determine the extent of procedure.
  3. Sedatives are provided to let you feel relax to begin the procedure
  4. Then a combination of local anesthetic Lidocaine and Bupivicaine is given to reduce pain due to injections
  5. To excel yield and reduce scars, the donor tissue is taken in single thin strip. The location of the donor region is selected carefully that has good hair density and is highly stable.
  6. After getting the donor tissue, the donor area is stitched with sutures or staples.
  7. Then follicles are dissected from donor strip individually under stereo microscope.
  8. The grafts are then chosen with healthy hairs usually comprising of 1 – 4 hairs.
  9. Recipient sites are created by specialists by setting the angle at which the new hair grows and describes the graft density
  10. After development of graft sites, the follicular units are placed. Graft placement is the most complicated step that can only be accurately performed by skilled surgeon

After placing the whole grafts, their position is double checked to ensure correct placement.

Disadvantages of FUT

  1. Blood loss however not much significant
  2. Risk of hair loss in the recipient area
  3. Creates linear scar that is somehow visible in the scalp
  4. Healing time is slightly longer than FUE method
  5. More painful than FUE method. Patients need painkillers to handle the trauma as specified by physician.