Yes it leads to natural growth As micro/mini grafts are harvested with advanced techniques so gives natural hair line and after 3-4 months after surgery these grafts start growing as existing hair so it become next to impossible to distinguish the both by others.

Yes of course as hair transplantation is the permanent solution for baldness. Hairs are replaced by the healthiest and loss resistant hair follicles taken from the back head or near to neck. So the harvested roots in the bald areas retain the characteristics of donor follicles and grow for lifetime. These translated hairs are not sensitive to androgen so transplantation give permanent solution to baldness and transplanted hair grow for rest of life.

These days it is possible to has same density after FUE surgery.Density is count of hair per square meter of scalp so it can be achieved depending on the extent of hair loss. Our advanced techniques enable us to give optimal density in the targeting zones.

Yes as there are many treatments available in the medical science for hair restoration but depending on the success scores of each treatment, hair transplantation is the only and best option for permanent solution to problem.

It has been proved that transplantation can not only harvest your lost hair but also sense of self confidence and brighter outer look. Patients have reported a perceived self image that others want from them in the fields of competitive and professional life. Head full of hair boost up confidence with the freedom of styling options to have unique personal expression.

The entire surgical process is done under the local anesthesia that only numb your scalp but you will remain conscious enough to watch movie and even enjoy refreshment during the break of procedure after extraction. Even after the surgery you can get back to your home by your own without any difficulty.

It is totally simple and convenient procedure can be performed in single day in the morning patient is asked to come and by the evening he get free to go home.

With the anesthetic approach patient does not feel and pain and discomfort during procedure. Patient is made comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

As the extraction is done with innovative techniques that minimize the pain and enable the surgeon to perform scar free treatment. Tiny slits are used to place the hair grafts so patient get recover in just 2-3 days and can get back to their normal routine.

There is great perception among the people that implantation is expensive procedure but if you compare it with the other medical treatments then it is less expensive as taking medicines and repeated treatments for entire life is much expensive than the taking one time treatment by paying justified amount for treatment. Even special packages make this treatment affordable for all.

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