Usage of advanced Techniques

Our world best team has unique skill that distinguishes them from the other surgeons in India. there are only handful clinics like Metro that are authorized and practicing the modern techniques for performing the surgeries like motorized and robotics for FUE extraction. This mechanical tool allows the surgeon to give the quality results with speed and by reducing the damage to tissue and scalp. Robotics and mechanical FUE procedure for hair restoration is available only at the few locations worldwide.

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Trained and Experienced

Our leading surgeons are well qualified with the years of training alongside the world best specialists. Each surgery is headed by the experience surgeon for non invasive FUE procedure. This specialized surgeon leads the team in every crucial phase of transplantation surgery like extraction and implantation.

This efficient team has performed more than thousands of successful procedures in half decade. Our experts have the unique edge for the women hair transplantation and even for restoring the eyebrow, eyelashes, and beard and mustache hairs. Our specialist surgeon is efficient for the scalp analysis and even in restoring hair by body hair transplant.

Our each transplant is done by the joint effort of extended team of including technical and surgical members so the experience is extended to each employee of center. Each team member is efficient and experienced in respect field whether related to administration of anesthesia or with the preserving and storing grafts. Unity and integrity of determined team give the patients peace of mind at every step of the treatment.

Sterile and Fully Equipped OT Rooms

Sterile environment during the surgery is essential for safe procedure so we offer each surgery in the sterile and fully equipped operating rooms to patients. Each technical member and every member of surgical team makes sure to get fully scrub before the surgery. OT is professionally sterilized in order to reduce the risk of infection next to nothing during and after surgery. Even comfort zone of the patient is taken care of by providing the specially designed operating beds that even allow the surgical team to have optimal access during the treatment.

Even we take care for the legal requirements for the medical procedure such as hair transplantation to be done in the location where emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation facilities are present. Only the licensed and certified centers can meet with these legal requirements after the unscheduled checks by the health ministry.

Fully Comfortable Patient Rooms

For the extensively delicate and magnificent treatment like hair transplant patient needs special care and attention that must be provided by the center. We take care for the comfort level for the patients even in the wards like by providing reclining beds that are essential for the patients after surgery to optimize the after recovery.

For the patients that are not from the same location, special facilities like single suites and 24 nurses are provided. Each bed of the room is designed by taking care of optimal angle to reduce the discomfort and pain. Even pain relief medication is provided as per requirements of patient.