Facial Hair Transplants

Facial hair transplantation in Ambala

Face is index of mind and adds to appealing and unique look of person but having side burns, no hair on eyebrows, beard or mustache can not only dent the beauty but also to self esteem.

Dr. Walia has put his great efforts and skills for helping the people to get rid from the blemishing look of face due to facial hair loss. He has performed 100s of facial transplantations with 100% success and satisfaction of patients. With the use of FUE transplant method even the facial hair can be restored with the natural appearance and for lifetime. Under facial hair restoration our team performs the following procedures

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Eyebrow and Eyelashes hair transplant in Ambala

Perfect bow shape eyebrows and thick and long eyelashes can add feather to the cap for beauty of woman. This dream of perfect eyebrows and lashes cannot be achieved by few due to some burns, cuts, birth marks, injury and even due to some disease and medication like chemotherapy.

Our specialist diagnoses the problem and restores the hair in these delicate areas with the advanced procedure follicular unit extraction of hair restoration.

Beard and mustache hair transplant in Ambala

Beard and mustache can add to masculine look of man and even these days men are interested to flaunt with different styles for beard and mustaches but unable to do because of uneven or insufficient growth in these areas due to genetic or hormonal problem. even some accidents, injuries and burns can hit their masculine look and self esteem.

MHTC has made it possible for men to have their full growth and even hair on these delicate areas with the surgical procedure of few hours through which they can get natural and younger look again.

5 Important Facts about Facial Hair Transplants

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to perform surgical procedure on these delicate areas to give the natural look with undetectable look so do not forget to ask about the experience and qualifications of surgeon before handing over your face for hair restoration. Even it is important to do some home work bfrore this implantation process


Due to highly magnificent and delicate procedure follicles are harvested somewhat slower so that optimum precision and natural appearance can be achieved during the surgery. Usually it takes 5-6 hours for restoration but sometimes in few cases it can even take two sessions to complete.


This facial hair restoration also works on the same principle of hair implantation on scalp. Hair follicles are extracted from the back head and transplanted into required facial areas with care and prevention. Our team use advanced tools for implanting and extraction process to give lifelong natural results.


Dr. Walia performs every surgery with determination for the aim of giving 100% safe and natural results with patient’s satisfaction. So each issue related to recipient and donor area has been taken care. While harvesting grafts even the direction, density and angle of hair follicles is considered to give undetectable results.


As this transplantation is performed with the advanced method FUE so the patient can have treatment without pain, discomfort and scars. Even the visible evidences like swelling in the facial areas after procedure disappear in few days. After 5 months generally patient can witness the complete results of facial hair surgery.

In few cases this recovery is accelerated by using the combination of PRP therapy with transplantation.