Cost of Hair Transplantation


Cost is the crucial factor that can affect your decision of undergoing hair transplantation. Many people believe that hair transplant is the most expensive treatment but the fact is that it is a beneficial investment for a fuller head of hair.

Clinics offering hair restoration services differ on the basis of procedures, quality and cost, so running behind only cheap hair transplants can be a wrong decision for restoring your looks , so there is need to understand the cost factor of this surgical procedure so that you can take a rational decision.

Cost of hair transplant in india


Cost of Hair Transplant in India is not fixed; it can vary from patient to patient according to the needs and expectations. The factors that can affect the hair transplant cost in India are;

  • The extent of baldness
  • Area to be treated during surgery
  • Number of grafts to be extracted and implanted
  • Number of sessions required for compete procedure
  • Cost calculating policy of clinic
  • Per graft cost variation
  • Selection of clinic and surgeon for treatment and the reputation of the clinic
  • Method applied for transplantation
  • Technology used for surgery
  • Additional treatment given like PRP THERAPY however some clinics offer one free session of PRP THERAPY
  • Cost can be higher if the clinic also offers the financing facility according to the rate of interest charged

So it can be said that cost can vary according to individual’s requirement for instance if a patient has level 2 or above Norwood scaling baldness, then the cost of the treatment can be higher. For Norwood scaling of level 1 or 2 baldness, cost can be less whereas it can be higher for level 3 and it is calculated per graft.

For higher levels like 5 and 7, cost of treatment is calculated in lump sum so it can be higher according to cost calculation policy of clinic

In India, cost per graft is Rs 25-30 so in total it can vary from Rs 40,000- 80,000, depending upon this range generally clinics calculate the cost by multiplying the total number of grafts transplanted with cost per grafts.

However some other costs are also included in the total cost of treatment like

  • Surgeon fee
  • OT charges
  • Accommodation charges
  • Medications given
  • Documentation or registration charges
  • Some clinics also add consultation fee in total cost
  • In few clinics, there are also some other hidden costs included in the total cost

Options/Techniques of Hair Transplantation in India

When it comes to hair restoration options in India, there are a variety of techniques and therapeutic approaches that can be considered to restore a patient’s hair. Both these hair restoration approaches are conducted with absolute expertize and excellence to deliver the best services and natural results.

Basically, there are two techniques of hair restoration known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). With time, these techniques have become revolutionary with the fact that there are millions of males and females who seek to restore their hair surgically.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular unit transplant (FUT)

In this method surgeons extract the strip of hair bearing skin from the permanent zone of the scalp, generally taken from the back scalp. Strip of less resistant hair follicles is dissected in normal grouping of hair 1-4 and then transplanted in the bald portions according to requirement. In this method there is need to close with stitches the donor area after extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

In this method follicular units are picked and extracted individually from the donor part on the basis of best quality and then transplanted in the recipient area at adequate depth, distance and angle to give natural appearance to patient.

Generally clinics charge higher in case of FUE method.

At metro hair transplant centre, you can have affordable treatment as we provide free consultation, use technology that not only improve results but also cut down the cost of procedure.

No hidden cost is charged from the patients and you can even get a cost estimation prior to the transplantation surgery.

Our cost is calculated on the basis of the number of the grafts. We highly believe in transparency, so no hidden costs are taken from the patients. Infect patients can enjoy many benefits included in the cost

Benefits included in the cost

  • Free accommodation
  • Medical expenses
  • Charges for all transfers
  • Hair care products
  • 24/ 7 care
  • PRP therapy

You can get the best hair transplantation prices from us with the extra benefits of choosing India’s best centre. Choosing the certified and well known clinic can give the benefit of best treatment and care during the stay. We take care for the sterile environment and use of ISHRS approved equipment while the restoration procedures and each surgery is performed by experienced surgeon with the team of certified doctors and nurses.

BIO-FUE Technique

The Bio-FUE technique is an advancement of FUE and PRP therapy. During the BIO-FUE procedure, the hair follicles are extracted and implanted under the FUE protocols.

The surgeon may choose to extract a patient’s blood before or after the surgery. After extracting the blood, it is introduced to the centrifugation process where a rich serum is derived.

This serum consists of a stronger healing composition that is able to stimulate more hair growth.

This serum is injected into the recipient region to attain a fuller head and pleasant hair results.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

During this technique, hair follicles are individually extracted and then implanted directly without storing them in a saline solution. The procedure allows a patient to enjoy natural results since there is no strip made.

Also, there is no shaving, scalpels, or stitches.

The DHI procedure utilizes a DHI implanter to implant each hair follicle in a specific angle, direction, and depth while observing the natural hairline.

An Estimation of the Hair Transplant Cost in India

An estimation of the hair transplant cost in India can be provided as below since each patient’s hair restoration requirement differ significantly. One’s hair transplant cost may differ depending on;

  • The level of hair loss or baldness
  • The city, or hair transplant centre selected
  • The type of technique to be used
  • Premium or standard packages
  • Laboratory or additional charges
  • Number of sessions or sittings

All in all, Metro hair transplant centre offers cheapest hair transplant in India without compromising with the desired natural results. An estimation of the hair transplant in India can be illustrated as below;

No.of hair follicles FUE Technique (Rs) Cycle FUT Technique (Rs) No. of Sittings
500 & Below 45,000 40,000 & below 1
600-900 53,000 48,000 1
1000 65,000 55,000 1
1200-1500 78,000 67,000 1
1600-2000 1,50,000 90,000 1-2
2000-2500 2,00,000 1,60,000 1-2
2600-3000 3,10,000 2,10,000 2-3
3100-3500 4,50,000 3,80,000 2-3
3600 & Above 5,00,000 & Above 4,80,000 & Above 3-

Facts About Hair Transplantation in India

  • In a survey, according to ISHRS, an increment of 64% in hair transplant procedures was realized in 2016
  • Over-the-counter drugs to reverse hair loss are being foregone by at least 80% of men and women to attain hair transplant procedures for permanent hair restoration
  • India is one of the leading hair transplant destinations in the world, with a tag of the “cheapest hair transplant cost in India” and technical innovations than in other countries.
  • The world-class developments in the hair restoration sector like ARTAS “Robotic FUE hair transplant” are seen as ideal options for combating baldness in 80% of males and females

A Comparison of Hair Transplant Cost in India & Other Developed Countries

As we all know that the hair transplant cost is basically determined by the cost of a single graft, many patients find themselves frustrated with the total cost of their hair transplant procedure.

Before you opt to fly to another country for a hair transplant, here is an overview of the graft cost in India and in other countries .

Technique Cost per graft in UAE (RS)Cycle Cost per graft in Turkey (RS) Cost per graft in USA (RS) Cost per graft in UK (RS) Cost per graft in Singapore Cost per graft in Mexico (RS)(Rs) Cost per graft in Thailand (RS) Cost per graft in India (RS)
FUE Procedure 200-300 55-70 250-700 300-900 45-90 50-90 55-150 30-50
FUT Procedure 260-500 50-80 260-800 300-950 40-80 45-100 55-100 28-60

From the above-illustrated table, you are able to ascertain that the hair transplant cost in India is much more affordable and cost-effective compared to other countries.

In some cases, the cost per graft shouldn’t be the main determinant for a hair transplant since it significantly scares away patients.

The main factors that influence the hair transplant cost in India and in other countries

The following are some of the main factors that influence a hair transplant cost;

  • The Country
    Many of the developed countries, including the developing countries provide hair transplantation. India is recommended as the top destination for hair transplant due to technological advancement and cost-effectiveness.
  • Expertise and Experience
    Worldwide, India is known for its extreme expertise, dedicated surgeons, and competence. With that, India comes first in terms of medical tourism including hair transplantation. When compared to other countries like USA and UK, India’s experienced surgeons charge less, yet provide world-class services.
  • Hair Transplant Centres
    There are both growing and already developed hair transplant centres in India and all over the world. Developed hair transplant centres or clinics charge more than the developing centres due to popularity, facilities, and expertise.
  • Techniques & Technology
    Currently, the hair transplant sector is driven by technology because of the desire to attain natural results. Hair transplant centres that provide the robotic hair transplant procedures happen to charge higher prices due to the technology involved in the procedures.
  • The growing market
    The hair transplant sector/market is recorded to be growing at the fastest rate as compared to the last 2 decades. This is because of the high levels of hair loss and the desire to recover hair plus the natural looks.
  • Persuasive packages
    In India and all over the world, hair transplant centres and clinics provide various packages that depict a slight reduction in hair transplant costs. This acts as a booster for patients to attain the services.

Why get a Hair transplant in India & at Metro hair transplant centre?

  • Premium expertize
  • Excellent technical approaches
  • There is no need to worry about the FUE cost in India due to various packages available
  • Assured natural results
  • No or minimal graft wastage
  • Reliable speed, effectiveness, and highly experienced surgeons

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether I have to pay before the treatment?

Our payment procedure is simple and transparent that does not include any pre-payments. Patients are asked to pay at the clinic after their consultation with the operating specialist.

If you are visiting us from overseas then you can consult our specialist on phone then as per the telephonic conversation you have to pay some percentage of the treatment cost in advance for the booking of surgical date however this percentage will be adjusted at the time of full payment for the treatment.

What is mode of payment?

Cash payments are accepted and prices are quoted in Indian currency, if you want to pay in any other currency then payment can be paid as per the daily conversion rate. Even payment can be done by debit or credit card if you are from other country and want to pay by card then charge will be converted to local currency after adding the additional taxes and fees for conversion.

Are there any other hidden expenses?

We believe in transparent payments so there are not any hidden charges taken from you all the accommodation, transportation, medical and other facilities as explained above are included in cost.

Bringing cash or valuables is safe?

Without any fear you can bring your belongings as our center provides a transport facility which is safe and even while staying in room safety has been taken care of as one has to access magnetic card for visiting patient floor and room.

Is there any arrangement to stay?

Yes there is comfortable arrangement for the patients especially that visitor from locations other than local. Each patient’s room is comfortable with specially designed bed and attached bathroom. In few cases we arrange hotels without any extra cost.

How many grafts will you transplant?

Count of grafts is determined by the specialists on the basis of extent of baldness and condition of donor area. Harvesting and extracting too many grafts can lead to permanent damage of scalp so during the pre consultation session a closest estimation for grafts is given by the specialist and after the surgery exact number of implanted grafts will be given to you.

Where will my transplantation surgery take place?

The actual treatment is done in highly sterile operating room of the center with the ISHRS approved and sterile equipments. After the surgery patient can stay at the patient rooms in the same premises.

Will I need to purchase additional medication or hair care products after the transplant?

Patient will be given all the essential medication and hair care products after the treatment including the shampoo, lotion and a hat. Even package of the anti inflammatory medication will also be given; these all will be included in the quoted prices. However other products if needed can be purchased with the discount from the centre.