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What is follicular unit extraction? What are the steps taken by the surgeon during the surgery?

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Person experiences hair loss due to various reasons such as stress, imbalanced diet, medications, injuries and so on. If you are the one who is facing hair loss problems then you should consult the doctor. Depending upon your condition the surgeon will tell you about the hair transplant treatment. There are two types of hair transplantation techniques your surgeon will advice i.e. FUT and FUE. In this article, we are going to discuss follicular unit extraction in detail.

What is FUE?

Follicular unit extraction is a type of procedure in which the surgeon will harvest the hair individually and transplant it into the area where the patient will be experiencing hair loss problems. The surgeon will take hair from the back of the head or from different body parts which are known as the donor area and the area where the surgeon will transplant will be known as the recipient area.

You must be thinking about how much hair can be taken from the back of the head right. Do not worry we are having the answer to this question that are mentioned below:

The answer to this question is that the single follicular unit or grafts contain one to five hair which means near about seventy to hundred or hundred to two hundred per square centimetre can be harvested from the back of the head. It means in FUE procedure 5000 units grafts can be transplanted on an average.

Why does the surgeon use hair taken from the back of the scalp?

Dihydro-testosterone is the hormone which is the ultimate reason for male pattern baldness. DHT is responsible for male losing hair. If the surgeon will make another person’s hair then your body might not be able to accept the transplantation which leads to wastage of money, time, and undesired result. Always remember the experience of the surgeon is one of the major factors in getting desired results because if your surgeon might over harvest then your tiny dots will be visible on the head of the patient and hair on the head will look way too thin.

What are the steps of the FUE procedure?

  • The surgeon will check the donor area of the patient whether the patient is having healthy hair to transplant or not.
  • Shaving the area of the patient will be done in another step.
  • The surgeon then divides the donor as well as recipient area of the patient.
  • Then the sterilization step will be done by the surgeon.
  • After sterilization, the surgeon will give local anaesthesia to the patient to numb the area.
  • The surgeon will do hair designing which is an art. This process will be done by the surgeon very carefully.
  • Extraction of hair grafts will be done by the experts.
  • After extraction, the surgeon will do implanting.