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What are the primary factors which help to determine the hair transplant cost?


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Increased demand for hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the pre-eminent treatment methods which is beneficial for hair growth. If you have bald spots or thin hair on the scalp get this treatment. With the hair transplant in Punjab, your problem is solved for a lifetime. The esteemed team of doctors will offer the best solution. The most effective treatment methods of hair transplant are FUE and FUT. Undergoing these methods are going to be work wonders for you and your overall look is improved.

If you have chosen to get a hair transplant then look for a skilled surgeon who ensures you have every minute detail about the treatment. Most of the patients often ask about the treatment cost.


Method of hair transplant

The type of method you choose is an essential consideration. You need to choose between FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Both of the methods are chief surgery and their effectiveness is shown in their results.

In some cases, the surgeon can even recommend you to get a combination of both of them. With FUE, the issue of scarring is not there as the extraction process includes one by one hair grafts. This surgical method will give you the most appealing results. Not every surgeon can perform the treatment precisely so make the final choice carefully. So, it is one of the factors which determines the cost.


Hair grafts requirement

Every case is distinctive from one another. The precise understanding of one case is only determined through a proper diagnosis which is done by the proficient hair expert. Depending on where you have lost the hair will determine the total number of grafts needed. If the patient’s condition is severe then the graft requirement will be more as compared to those who have just one bald patch. With the increase in graft requirement, cost increases.


Surgeon skills and accreditation

There are no second thoughts that surgeon expertise and skills will cost more. Well, that is for a reason. Not every surgeon can perform the treatment with the same expertise. Instead of focusing on the cost, you must ask the doctor about their services. Under the supervision of an able surgeon, the final results will be the best. Skillfulness needs to be given major importance, so invest your time to know about the surgeon.


Hair transplant sessions

In the majority of the cases, there is a need for just one session to get desirable results. If you have a severe case of baldness then you need to get multiple sessions. While determining the cost, this factor is going to be an important consideration. It is important to consult the surgeon about the total number of sessions needed to be done.