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Various Hair Transplant Techniques

Various Hair Transplant Techniques

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Hair transplantation is the method in which the hair harvested from the back of person’s scalp and cultivated in the bald areas. It is natural and safe procedure but must be done by the experienced surgeon for the permanent solution of the baldness.

Transplanted hair look like the natural hair and even can be styled, dyed and cut as natural hair. This treatment is suitable for both male and female. Hair restoration is done to restore the scalp hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache.

Transplantation can be done with various techniques as follows:

FUE hair transplant


Follicular unit extraction is the advanced method that assures the natural results without pain. In this method individual hair follicles are extracted from the scalp to cover the bald portion. This treatment is done without stitches and scars so patient after the surgery can wear any hair style as per desire.

FUT hair transplant


This is the traditional but effective method in which belt of hair follicles is removed from the back head and then dissected as per natural grouping of hair and then transplanted in the bald region. This is quite effective method to cover the large bald area in less time.

Bio- FUE

Bio- FUE hair transplant

It is combination of platelet therapy with the follicular unit extraction method. In this method patient’s own blood is taken and concentrated platelets are separated to inject in the scalp during the transplantation. These enriched platelets boost the healing ability of body after treatment and even stimulate the hair growth and even make the existing hair healthy and strong.

Bio –DHT

In this method of direct hair transplant (DHT) the extracted donor hair are transplanted immediately to ensure the regular supply of blood to the follicles and to boost the survival of grafts. In addition of ensuring less time gap for the follicles outside body we also inject the PRP (platelet rich plasma) in scalp for stimulating the hair growth and improving the healing power of scalp

Neo Graft hair transplant

Neo Graft hair transplant

In this Neo Graft technique is used for the extraction of follicles in the follicular extraction method. This technique enables to do the extraction with better quality in less time, this technique minimize the time and scars and even harvesting can be done with the extraction of follicles up to 98% without pain and damage to tissues or scalp.

Body Hair Transplant

In this method body hairs are transplanted to the head with the exact match and natural appearance of grafts as the scalp. This procedure is performed in case if the patient is having severe hair loss but weak donor area or not having sufficient hair on scalp for extraction. Then the arm, legs, beard, chest an d even pubic hair are used to cover baldness.