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Problems That Might Occur During Hair Transplant & How to Tackle Them – Part 1

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Problem 1   OOZING

Oozing is the quite common problem while transplantation and even while extraction as when roots are transplanted and extracted  with the fine blades then the small amount of blood and serum oozes out .


  • To cope up with this surgeon recommend spraying after every 20 minutes from the evening of surgical day to next day morning.
  • After the dressing removal in FUT surgery blood staining can be controlled with sterile towel in kit and sleeping in elevated position for initial days.
  • If the bleeding occurs from the single root after surgery then you can stop oozing by exerting gentle pressure on it by your forefinger.

Problem 2 PAIN

Pain is the second problem that might occur when the patient come out of OT then mild pain or bit discomfort can be felt by the patient. It likely to occur more in case of FUT surgery


However the transplant surgery is done under the local anesthesia so patient do not feel pain or discomfort but if any then patient can take the painkillers but prescribed by the surgeon accordingly. But if the pain is severe then patients are recommended to visit the center immediately for curation

Problem 3   Swelling

Hair transplant is the safe procedure and having no side effects but generally due to trauma patient may feel swelling in the scalp as a reaction of body for any kind of trauma


If the swelling is mild after surgery then it will vanish automatically after 3 days but if the patient feel bump like swelling then it must be tackled before it gets severe.

  • For the initial days patients are asked to sleep in the lifted position with the support of 2-3 pillows so that blood circulation can be there in scalp and swelling can be prevented,
  • Even patients are asked to avoid heavy physical activities and sports for 10 days to prevent swelling.
  • Patients are forbade to lean to prevent soreness in the scalp
  • Ice packs are also great solution to tackle with the swelling but these packs should not be applied directly on the scalp must be applied on forehead so that swelling can be removed.

Gentle massage on forehead can also help out the situation but it must be done as instructed by the surgeon/