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Is there any solution like a hair transplant procedure?

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When Dr. J.P Walia explained the process of hair transplant to me, I realized that technology is wonderful and capable of providing solutions to any problem. Removing hair from a part of the scalp or the body and implanting it to another is amazing. The procedure is termed as the permanent solution to hair loss or what we call baldness.

If it wasn’t for a hair transplant procedure, I would have had an extended bald region of my scalp. I had used Finasteride for 2 years and the only thing it did was to slow the rate of hair loss. There was no adequate hair growth and I had to seek a hair transplant.

I am writing this because I believe hair transplant procedures can help many to restore their hair within 1 year and a half. I had a hair transplant just 2 years ago, but I have never regretted my decision. The surgeon assured me that an aesthetic procedure would transform my looks for the rest of my life. My hair is growing in a natural way and my colleagues envy my looks. Anyone can get a hair transplant procedure to look his or her best again.