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How much cost of hair transplant in India?

What are the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant in India

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How much cost of hair transplant in India: Hair loss problems can occur due to the following factors such as stress, age, health issues, imbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance. Facing hair loss problems and figuring out the solution to this problem right. Hair transplant which is also known as hair restoration is the ultimate solution to your problem.

The foremost question that comes to mind is, ‘What will be the cost of the treatment?’ ‘Will this treatment make a big hole in your pocket or not.’ Need not to worry if these questions are disturbing you then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the several factors affecting the cost of the hair transplant.

Factors affecting the cost of the hair transplant mentioned below:

  • Experience of the surgeon

The cost of the hair transplant treatment depends upon the experience of the doctor who is going to perform the hair transplant surgery. The experience does matter a lot because it will help you in getting the best results.

  • Hair grafts

Another factor affecting the cost is how many hair grafts the surgeon is going to transplant in your scalp which is depending upon the condition of your hair.

  • The procedure you are going to choose

Which procedure you are choosing is another factor because there are hair transplant procedures such as FUT or FUE i.e follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction. Both methods are having a different cost.

  • Hospital

The hospital you are going to select for hair transplant surgery also affects the cost. You should be very careful while selecting a hospital for you because the hospital should be updated with all the latest technologies and equipment so only they are going to give you the desired results.

  • Facilities given by the hospital

Facilities provide you with the staff of the hospital should be at its best. You should not feel discomfortable during the surgery. They should keep you in a private room and should not disclose your identity to anybody.

  • Post hair transplant surgery kit

After hair transplant surgery will be done the patient needs a proper surgery kit to take care of the scalp. So the post-surgery kit cost will also be added in the treatment cost.

  • Sessions

After the 10 days of the hair transplant surgery, you need to remove your stitches which doctor will take 3 to 4 sessions to remove the stitches from the scalp of the patient.

  • Tests

There are few tests done before the surgery like a blood test. Your doctor will advise you to not consume some medicines before the surgery such as aspirin, inflammatory medicines, multivitamin.