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Essential Differences Between FUT / FUE That You Need To Know

Differences Between FUT / FUE

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No linear scarring on scalp- It is good for those who keep short hair where there are chances of visible scars. It is also crucial for those who have received keloids and thick scars earlier A linear scar is created in the donor sites because a strip of hair grafts is extracted from the scalp.
Small holes made by incisions with FUE heal soon Linear FUT scar takes longer time to heal
Small incisions made in FUE do not widen over the time, so a person can start any kind of activities. Strenuous exercises soon after the treatment can worsen the scar
Less post- operation pains Significant pains
FUE is applicable on younger patients, muscular and athletic people, those with loose scalps Not applicable on such people
Repairs scars that cannot be removed such as if a patient had scars due to FUT method earlier, FUE procedure is helpful to cover those scars. No scars removal
Follicular units are extracted from larger area Only single hair strip is extracted that consists of large count of hair follicles. It helps in excelling the high quality grafts from the permanent region.
Persistent thinning of hairs in the donor sites may make the FUE scars visible Linear scar is made that is visible at one site
More chances of damage to grafts Lower damage chances
Grafts may fragile and cause trauma due to implant as the received grafts may lose the security dermis and fat of dissected grafts. Lower chances of affecting grafts
The maximum follicular unit graft results are lower The maximum follicular unit graft results are higher
FUEs conducted on the large scale need complete shaving of donor region that may create a major problem for working people in terms of their personality Only one linear scar is made that can be hidden wearing caps or wigs
Microscopic dissection may required besides of grafts removal Microscopic dissection is a part of FUT procedure
Over harvesting may occur No chance of over harvesting
Scars may become visible in the donor region due to narrowed donor region Single scar line is visible in one part of the donor site
Single session length is limited because the extraction process is slower Fast strip harvest, ultimately a lengthy process is conducted to implant the whole grafts on the same day of extraction
Fast healing Slower healing because of wide area of scar made