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How to cope up with dandruff after hair transplant?

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Hair transplantation is the best option for getting back hair, younger look and self esteem for lifetime. It is surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from patient’s scalp and transplanted to cover the loss affected area of head. It is safe and risk free method to restore hair naturally and permanently.

In few cases patients face the problem of dandruff after the hair transplantation. Dryness and white flakes after transplantation is the potential but least common side effect however it does not affect the growth of hair.

Dandruff after month of surgery can not affect the growth of hair but must be treated as severity of problem can hamper the growth. There can be various ways as follows to remain away from this problem

• One must avoid the scratching of head especially the transplanted area with nails to remove the dandruff as it can lead to infection and hair loss. It may increase the problem and even repeated abrasion can result into the traction alopecia in which hair loss occur due to excessive pulling force applied on hair.

• You must consult the specialist to get correct advice and directions for avoiding dandruff medically. Some doctors also suggest for the Nizoral which is over the counter drug. But this drug must be taken with the advice of physician and if the problem is severe then must consult specialist to prevent further severe skin problems.

• Even oil massage can also help out the situation but must be done with the gentle fingers and as per the direction recommended by the specialist. Oil can remove the dryness and itching from the scalp that can help out the situation

• After the 6 weeks of surgery if you are facing dandruff problem then it is safe to use medicated shampoo that can prevent the dandruff but before use do not forget to ask your surgeon so that only suitable shampoo can be used for the best results.

• Whatever is the case if even after 2 months of surgery you are having the dandruff problem even then it is not time to get panic as situation can be handled and controlled before it turn to worst. You can use the anti dandruff shampoo and consult your doctor and must have patience to avoid scratching with nails.

However the problem is not so severe but can be devastating so it is important to give best care after hair transplant in Jalandhar. The best surgeon can reduce these kinds of side effects with his best knowledge and artistic skills.
To prevent the dryness and dehydration of grafts it is recommended to patient to spray saline solution after surgery that prevent such kind of situations and even boost the survival rate of grafts after surgery.
If you want to know more about the reasons of dandruff and ways to prevent it then feel free to talk to the professionals of hair transplant in Delhi by registering for free consultation.