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After Hair Transplant Care in Hair Restoration Surgery

After Hair Transplant Care in Hair Restoration Surgery

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Hair transplantation is the delicate procedure so your adherence for following instruction for Post-op care is essential to optimize the results.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least three days as alcohol can thin the blood and can cause bleeding
  • Do not take aspirin, Arthritis, Ibuprofen , vitamin supplements or other medicines that thin your blood for 3 days as these may result into excessive bleeding
  • Some heavy activities like cycling, weight lifting , running and some sports like golf, soccer baseball must be avoided for at least week  as these may lead to bleeding, swelling  and loss of grafts
  • Do not bend and engage in lifting activities for 2 days as to prevent bleeding and swelling. Sleep in the elevated position of head with the support of pillows to prevent swelling
  • Apply ice packs on donor area for 10 minutes per hour for initial three days and even on grafted site but not directly you can apply ice packs on forehead so that swelling can be diminish.
  • Do not wash or disturb transplanted grafts for 24 hours, visit to the center for hygienic and preventive hair wash in corrective way and proceed with similar way for 10 days while hair wash at home
  • For the absorption of blood that has formed near the graft you can apply light pressure with towel and gauze pad.
  • Avoid use of dryer for five days after surgery and after that for few days you can blow dryer with cool settings to prevent the grafts from any damage due to heat.
  • It is normal that scabs get formed after surgery on scalp and generally fall off in 3-10 days even some time the hair embedded in scabs may also fall but do not get panic it is normal and temporary hair will grow again naturally. Do not scratch or pick your scabs with nails as these can damage the grafts and reduce their survival.
  • Swimming in the salty water must be refrained for 3 days at least and swimming in water containing must be avoided for 7 days as it can damage grafts.
  • Avoid smoking for 7 days as it can slower the healing process of scalp.

If you face any problem like excess pain, swelling or bleeding then it is good to consult your surgeon immediately.