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What do you need to know about 3000 grafts hair transplant procedure?


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3000 Grafts Cost Hair Transplant In India, Hair transplant has been a boon for patients who are facing the hair loss issue. The procedure of hair transplant in Punjab has changed the thinking of patients to a great extent. The requirement of hair grafts will depend on the degree of baldness or hair loss patch. During the initial consultation, you will be told in detail how many are needed for your condition. In this blog, we are going to share the story where the patient needs 3000 hair grafts for hair transplant treatment.


Evaluating the hair loss problem

One of the patients named ‘Ravi Jain’ who came for the consultation noticed the hair loss issue 3 years back. The hairline was triggered at the temples, and the hairline was receding. The thin hair was also noticed in the crown area. Being the owner of a hair salon, it was important for him to take the best care of his hair and have an attractive look. Before the treatment, he opted for another hair replacement system but nothing provided the natural results he wanted. The hair wigs did not result in a natural look, and it was not a permanent solution at the same time.

Through one of his friend’s suggestions, he got to know about hair transplant and how it can provide long-lasting results.


Undergoing hair transplant treatment

Initially, after the consultation, he made the decision he needs to get the treatment.


Designing the hairline

In total 300 hair grafts were needed, out of which 2000 hair grafts were required for the frontal area which included temples and hairline. 100 hair grafts were needed to cover the thinning on the crown site.


How much does the 3000 grafts hair transplant cost?

It was about improving aesthetics and getting the desired results. So, he ensured that the surgeon he is choosing should provide him with quality treatment at a reasonable price. Making the right decision will improve the way final results can be seen.


Results with 3000 hair grafts

Throughout the treatment, the surgeon was in constant touch with the patient. His progress was noticed. The doctor took the scalp image before the treatment and ten months after the treatment. Well! The site was completely pleasing.

The patient said that ‘I am able to style my hair the way I like. The results have been even better than I expected it to be. The hair growth is complimenting my appearance and I cannot thank the doctor enough for the treatment he has given me. This surgical procedure has been far better than my expectations.’ Following the proper precautions and surgeon’s guidelines, he noticed the results within 10 months.

Every patient is different from others, and the way your body reacts to the surgical intervention will vary.