Bio-Follicular Unit Extraction


Science has made many revolutions in the field of hair treatments so there are various method to restoredhair surgically. Hair transplant is revolutionary method that can restore hair naturally without side effects.

There are also some advancements in the surgical hair restoration methods that can give not only natural hair but also healthier. One such advancements has been pioneered in Metro Hair transplant center with the technique Bio- FUE in which FUE hair restoration method is combined with Bio-Therpy to refine the after surgery results.


Bio- FUE is one step ahead from the earlier FUE means follicular unit extraction method. In the earlier method follicles are individually extracted from the donor part of scalp and cultivated in the required area. In this 2 in 1 combined method growth factors are injected in the scalp along with the normal FUE procedure for making the healing process faster and strengthening the hair follicles


Human germinative cells have ability to regenerate structures when they are in embryonic stage of life, so the concept of Bio-Therapy is based on this theory. In the recent years humans germinative cells have been used to cure various medical conditions such as cancer, spinal code injuries, Polio and many more. Now this concept has been introduced in the field of hair transplant.

In this therapy these cells containing growth factors are taken from patient’s own body and injected in to the scalp after normal FUE procedure. These life cells activate the dead hair follicles and lead to growth of new hair follicles. These growth factors also work on the texture of hair and make them healthier.


For this revolutionary procedure initially patient’s own blood is drawn out from his body and then centrifuged to spin. Then the thick platelets are separated under the controlled conditions like speed, temperature and time.

After the complete FUE session these concentrated platelets (have 3-5 times more concentration than normal blood) are injected with the help of specially designed tools to the adequate depth of scalp.


There are various benefits of Bio-FUE method as follows:-

  • It enables improved hair growth
  • It improves texture of hair
  • It boost up the healing process after surgery both in the donor area and treated area
  • Quick recovery
  • Activate dead cells in the scalp and lead to growth of new hair follicles.


MHTC has pioneered this revolutionary therapy combined with surgical hair transplant method. This therapy needs experienced and efficient surgeon for performing so Metro Hair Transplant Centre can be best option for the candidates that are seeking for most reliable and natural results after surgery.

Following are some facts that make MHTC perfect choice for Bio-FUE

  • Procedure is performed by expert surgeon Dr. J. P. Walia, who has many years experience in performing FUE surgeries.
  • Blood samples taken for Bio Therapy are kept under controlled conditions to ensure the predicted refined results.
  • Specially designed tools are used to inject cells at proper depth to stimulate hair growth.
  • Well trained and experienced staff for assisting senior surgeon while surgeries
  • Blood samples are kept under complete monitoring to prevent from any contamination or disturbance which could affect negatively to after surgery results