Advanced FUE Hair Transplant

Advanced FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is hair transplant technique in which hair follicles are extracted individually and transplanted in the bald portions. It is the modern method of hair restoration. Timely advancements in this method are refining the results of hair restoration.

Advanced FUE is the method that uses the latest innovations in the field. This instrumental technology is used to achieve the high quality, rate and survivability of FUE method. In this advanced method automated harvesting tools are used along with the additional hydration and reducing the trauma caused to the follicles while handling. Even the technology is effective for reducing the visibility of scars after extraction.

How Advanced FUE Works?

It is the only technique on the market that utilizes the dual channel hydration system. In this system each hair follicle is stored in the stream of solution immediately after harvesting. This instant storage of follicles in hydrated system lowers down the risk of drying out and additional friction.


Advanced FUE is highly beneficial and attainable and it had made possible for the surgeons to provide optimized results for the hair restoration. The benefits of this innovative technique are as follows

  • Optimized graft survival rate
  • Instant graft hydration
  • Refined graft viability
  • Unique graft cooling technology
  • Effective for the different hair and skin types
  • Choice of no shave
  • Fastest harvesting rate
  • Mega sessions
  • Safe and result oriented

Comparison With The Robotic FUE

Robotic follicular unit extraction methods is also advanced technology in which robotic system selects and harvests the healthy and loss resistant hair follicles from the scalp and make the harvesting process faster than manual extraction.

Advanced FUE hair transplant method is pioneered technology that overcomes the infirmities of the robotic system. As for the robotic system there are certain requirements for the candidates that make them ideal such as for particular skin and hair type.  For instance if the patient has curly hair with not good skin contrast then he cannot be the good candidate for the hair restoration. If the patient already had the hair transplant or has the pre existing scars then the robotic system does not work.

For the limitations of the robotic system the advanced FUE method is [roved as the ideal solution.  This innovative technique is more flexible than the prior robotic method so can lead to more refined results than the earlier technique.

Difference From Other FUE Devices

Metro advanced FUE procedure is different from the other devices that are being used in the market for restoring individual hair follicles. Only this advanced device utilizes the hydration system however the other devices rely on the air pressure for the sunction of hair follicles. Other devices lead to more damage of follicles while plucking and storage but this advanced procedure ensures the minimal trauma to the hair follicles.