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Hair transplant in Ambala, Haryana is the simple dermatology surgical procedure involving the shifting of hair follicles from the permanent donor area around the sides and back head, to the areas having less or no hair. This is permanent solution for male and female pattern hair loss but if taken from the reputed and registered clinic in which only the expertise professionals perform surgeries.

However, due to wider acceptance and commercialization of hair transplant segment, many clinics are offering this procedure with the claims of quality at par with international standards.  As a result one may face difficulty in choosing the trustworthy and best clinic for hair transplant.

One must be rational before choosing hair transplant and the clinic which offer the same. There is need to understand the various facts that can affect positively and adversely to the surgical results.

Primarily, you must be aware that you are fit for this surgical phenomenon or not? Although claims are there about the global suitability of hair transplantation, but actually it can be best option for you if you are having age more than 20 and even trying medications before surgery is also recommended step for coping with hair loss.

Only the qualified and experienced surgeon can provide you useful information about the determination of need of hair transplant on the basis of age, extent of hair loss, health and medical history. So choose the clinic and surgeon after doing proper home work so that you could turn your first investment as your long lasting investment.

Feel free to visit us to get more details about hair transplant in India, its procedures and results.

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Dr. J. P. Walia


Plastic, Hair Transplant and General Surgery

D. J. P. Walia is a hair specialist and also holds an MBBS, MS, & M.Ch in Plastic, Hair Transplant and General surgery. He has accumulated extra expertise from the leading hair transplant surgeons worldwide and shares his extraordinary skills by achieving 100% natural results for hair loss patients. His artistry and surgical skills are perfectly deployed on each patient.

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Certified and well known center

Certified and well known center

Treatment at well known center under the care of certified and qualified surgeons

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What Distinguishes Metro Hair Clinic?

We are having more than 5 years of experience in providing more than thousands of hair restoration procedures. Our experienced team of specialized surgeons has been helping patients to get their natural hair back for lifetime since last half decade. Our job is not limited to giving satisfactory results but we also provide round a clock care system and even help in making easy and hassle free trip for the patients that visit us from different destinations.Places like Jalandhar,Ambala you can find us.

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I want to give my heartiest thanks to entire team that not only cured my baldness but make me comfortable to feel in safe hands. I felt satisfied after getting treatment from such a reputed center that works for satisfaction of patients not only for profitability. Hair restoration specialists provide me treatment after deep diagnosis of my hair problem and even worked with transparency for entire process of transplantation. I was bit nervous before the treatment then the entire team boosted me up and made me comfortable and relaxed due to which I could get 100% safe and best results
Gurpreeet Singh

Why Metro Hair Transplant is the Leading Hair Restoration Clinic in India


With professional team of specialized surgeons and more than thousands satisfied patients from more than 15 countries, we assure to deliver world best results.

record of best hair transplant results

Consistent record of best Hair Transplantation Results

After the experience of more than half decade in performing hair restoration procedures on the patients across the globe, we feel proud to present our outstanding results. To provide overview about past results of us we have embellished them together in gallery with the photos of results before and after treatment of our patients. With the 100% ratio of success and satisfied patients all over the world we have created history for the FUE procedures.

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Cost of hair transplantation

We charge cost from you with the commitment of best quality, personalized treatment and service and service. Be part of reputed and certified clinic that offers 24/7 care with the unrivalled level of safety and comfort zone.

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hair transplant cost in india

metro hair transplant centre

Be Part of certified and well known Metro Centre in Ambala, India

For the standardized results, having treatment from the top-notch professional team is not enough there must be state-of –the –art facilities provided by the center. To make sure for high quality results for each hair transplant, we work professionally and with state -of -art technique at the modern full service center in the heart of Ambala, India. This center is certified and accredited by the national and international organizations that guarantee for the highest standards for each aspect of surgery.

About Our Centre Team

Team of leading hair transplantation specialists

You can enjoy the treatment by the world best restoration specialists that are greatest valuable assets for center. Success of hair transplant relies on the talent, knowledge and experience of the surgical team. We have the team of experts that give utmost gratification to the patients before, during and after the treatment.

Meet Our Doctor

team of hair transplant doctors

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